Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Most wanted Game ideas

What is you most wanted game ideas

my top 5 would be

3.Final Fantasy Turn based Again
2.Chrono Trigger PS3
1.FF7 Remake

Please comment

Sony planning on adding, Gamers Skill Level Stats to firmware (UPDATE)

Dutch/german website had the opportunity for a short interview with Stefan Dettmering, PR manager of Sony in which he is asked about the upcoming firmware update and when is going to be available for PS3 owners, also asked about how well the PS3 is selling since it last launched last year and more.

It is possible that Sony is planning on including a gamer skills level in the next firware update for others to see and comapre to friends, based of percentages or levels. It will work by calculating how good you are at certain types of games.

Here is an example.

Sevr786(Gaming Skills)

Racing Skills……. 92%
Strategy Skills….. 80%
Sport Skills….. 0% (no data)
Intelligence (Puzzle Probably)…. 24%
Fighting Skills… 28%

Type of Gamer: DRIVEEER
Gamers Net Worth: £4,800,200
(All the above is based of loads of different things such as performance, trophies e.t.c i think. WELL I HOPE SO. I have like 500 trophies. Yeh am good ! Not)

Another tipster, calling himself “seven-biho” claims that he is a game developer . He claims that the above details is real and, to prove it, he left a picture in the forums..


Edit: Am not sure if the picture is fake or real . So take it as a rumour with grain of salt for now. Also this may be just be a mockup or early build as suggested!

Update:Forum poster claims it will be announced at E3 2009